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Naeema Hassan

Naeema Hassan has completed her undergraduate degree at York University and is pursuing a masters degree in public administration at Queen’s University. Her experience in civic affairs and the nonprofit sector enabled her to understand the importance of youth engagement in the city-building process. She is passionate about health policy, civic engagement, humanitarian work, spoken word, and basketball!

Fun Facts 

#epicfail- most embarrassing work moment: 
One day we had an important staff meeting and I didn’t realize that my entire lash on my left eye was hanging off. No one told me.

What was your 1st job
A camp counselor assistant at a daycamp.

Best work moment
Successfully organizing a basketball tournament as a team building exercise and winning MVP.

Best transferable skill
Oral communication and listening skills. After years of working retail, I found that it’s helped with being able to listen, collaborate, and communicate with my team members effectively.

Dream job 
I haven’t pinned that down yet, but I think it would be related to being a part of decision making processes that directly affect communities that are underrepresented.

Life Motto
“When life seems to be going downhill, eat a piece of cake and remember that it’s not the end of the world.”

Fun Fact on Naeema’s CV: 
I speak English, Somali and Arabic, and currently working on adding Spanish to my resume.

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