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Andrea DelZotto Of Tridel Shares Experience At Toronto Opportunity For All Youth Launch Event

January 23, 2020

June 30, 2018 By: Lily Lo

Andrea DelZotto, Executive of Tridel, wrote a blog post of her experience at the Toronto Opportunity For All Youth Launch event.

Here is a snippet:

“The people were brave and the stories were real. They were inspiring and sometimes even raw, wavering on the very fine line of being authentic and yet allowing themselves to be vulnerable. The insights were golden. Here are a few of them that I personally noted, that more companies should consider:

Recruitment is broken. While we try to digitize our interview process and think we’re building in efficiencies, it’s somewhat broken. Youth crave face to face. They want the opportunity to tell their story, to allow you to put a face to their name and make an in person connection with you and recruiters. Otherwise, they feel lost in the pile of applicants. (So much for our assumption that youth prefer devices to real people, and that they aren’t capable of human interaction & communication).

Never too early to start. They want you to target them when they’re in elementary school. Educate them about the opportunities that are available and the experiences that they can participate in to prepare them for career choices. Early. Teach them basic life skills in school. Time management, money management, collaboration, accepting feedback. Grade 12 and high school are too late. They want you to talk to them earlier.

Don’t go at it alone. Collaborate with agencies where you can easily find them. The stories that were shared about Yonge Street Mission, YES and bizstart were incredible. Work together.
Show what you stand for. The youth at the table expressed clearly that they want to know that they’re working for a company whose values align with their own. Put your values front and centre when offering employment.

Do what’s right, not easy. Sometimes corporations make the easier choice of candidates that haven’t faced barriers. They might feel there’s a stigma to their background and/or history. There may be some extra work required to manage and support them. (To that, I referenced the challenges that these youth have overcome and the resilience that it represents. Isn’t that what you want to see more of in your company?)

To read the full blog posted on realcondolife please click here.

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