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Online application processes aren’t getting the “job” done

March 29, 2021

By: Ismail Mohamud

Applying for jobs online shouldn’t be so complicated. It’s hard enough to get a reply, let alone an interview.


There are hundreds of jobs available, and new ones are posted every day. However, the application processes are annoying and unnecessarily tedious. 

Many open roles have long, external job applications through job-finding platforms like Indeed, Monster and Workopolis. After registering on the platform, employers often ask for large amounts of information. They usually require attachments, questions to answer, paragraphs to write and sometimes videos to watch.

Long applications are a barrier for youth and employers 

Breaking into the job market is a numbers game.  If someone applies to multiple jobs, it increases their chances of landing an interview. But after completing these long application processes, this doesn’t leave much time to apply for several jobs in one sitting and discourages candidates from applying to several at a time.

This then leaves several applications that could have been filled empty. This is problematic for both the candidate and employer. Before the pandemic, Deloitte reported that employers were struggling to fill job vacancies. 

There’s already a slim chance of hearing back from an employer, so applying for a large number of jobs should be an easier and more streamlined process.

Simpler online applications will connect more employers with talented youth candidates.

Rethinking job requirements can attract more youth 

It’s also discouraging that several jobs have qualifications or requirements that are absolutely unnecessary. Though employers might feel this ensures the best candidates, it’s only deterring youth from applying. This then leaves companies desperate for employees and applicants looking for work. 

Youth with little to no work experience have by far the most challenging time finding jobs. For this reason, only the necessary requirements should be listed in job postings for early talent roles. Many companies already offer training and orientation for new hires, which normally build on skills and attributes that are taught in high school. 

Group interviews can ease nerves and foster success 

When youth finally land an interview, jittery nerves from 1-on-1 interviews can impede their success. Group interviews are a better way for young people to showcase essential skills for early work, such as leadership, communication and teamwork. Group interviews also save a lot of time and resources for employers.

Employers will reach more youth if they eliminate unnecessary job requirements and shorten their online applications. These solutions will be an asset to both the employer and young job seekers. Youth will have a better chance at finding work, and employers will fill more roles with skilled and diverse young talent. 

Opportunity For All Youth works with a group of national employers dedicated to investing in youth looking to break into the workforce. If you’re looking for a job, register for the InterviewME Youth Talent Pool for opportunities and free job coaching in your area! 

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