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Kelly Xu

Kelly studies commerce at Queen’s University with an interest in international development. From working as a youth mentor to teaching youth how to build bikes, Kelly is deeply connected to her community and has a background in community engagement. Kelly brings her experience in community engagement and working with young people to help connect them with employment opportunities at Opportunity For All Youth.

#epicfail – Most embarrassing work moment
When I was working at RBC, I lost my way trying to find the washroom and almost accidentally locked myself out of the office because I forgot to take my key card.

My first job 
The lead designer on a community bicycle art sculpture as a community reform to promote bike safety and awareness. 

Best work moment
My best work moment was when I worked as a camp counsellor for a virtual summer program for children 12-14. During a conversation about xenophobia and the rising #blacklivesmatter movement, 95 per cent of the kids turned on their cameras and were actively engaged in the conversation. It was truly incredible seeing children genuinely interested in the topic and contributing to the conversation. 

Best transferable skill
Public speaking and presentation skills.

Dream job
Working internationally helping others in some sort of way.

Life motto
Live with a purpose.

Fun Fact on Kelly’s CV
I teach kids how to build bikes!

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