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MentorU MentorMe

What is MentorU MentorMe?


MentorU MentorME is a reverse mentoring program that pairs younger employees with executive team members or seasoned professionals for a two-way learning experience on various topics of strategic and cultural relevance. We want to start from a common interest or experience with each of our matches.

Each partner will fill out a bio with the following information:

● Professional interests throughout their career (including a LinkedIn URL as well)
● Any personal barriers they have faced in their career experience or a barrier youth are facing that they are passionate about
● An area of their work they would like to gain more knowledge about
● Personal interests
● Any other information they would like to share

After matching, we support with learning and reflection and are always available to help support successful matches.

Complete our Expression of Interest form for the chance to be part of our next group of Pairings!


We’re currently recruiting for pairing for our cycle going from November 2021 to May 2022.

You can participate via:

1. Direct Match: A young person and senior leader are matched and go through an onboarding and training session as a pair, including 5 conversations and a reflection. (17-hour commitment)

2. Executive Fireside Chats: Feature an Executive Leader to speak directly with our matched young people around their journey. Young people are encouraged to bring a friend. (2-hour commitment)

Registration will be open until all opportunities have been filled, so please apply early! If you have any questions, please reach out to Tristan Morris at

For Leaders interested in participating, please click HERE!

For Young People interested in participating, please click HERE!

Learn More About Our Pilot Partner 



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