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Marie Davis

Executive Director, 100K Opportunities Initiative

Marie Davis is the Executive Director of the 100K Opportunities Initiative. Launched in 2015, the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative is the largest employer-led coalition focused on hiring opportunity youth. This initiative is a unique alliance of private, public and philanthropic organizations working together to better the lives of out of-school/out-of-work youth by providing economic opportunities.

As the national recruitment manager at Chipotle Mexican Grill, Marie worked to streamline the work of private and public sectors to create new opportunities and career pathways for out-of-school/out-of-work youth. These collaborative efforts resulted in sustainable recruitment strategies that provided Chipotle the ability to attract, hire and retain a diverse pipeline of career-focused and motivated employees for their restaurants.  In addition to the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative™, Marie partnered with a broad-based range of impact hiring organizations, including the White House First Jobs Compact and more.
Marie also brings a depth of knowledge outside of corporate recruiting. She began her career in higher education at Johnson & Wales University. During her 18 years at JWU, she held various leadership positions at both the Providence, RI and Denver, CO campuses including Director of Admissions, Director of University Recruitment & Training, and Director of Career Services.  As Director of Career Services, her ability to advance relationships with industry leaders and develop specialized recruitment programs provided students and graduates career opportunities with leading employers nationwide.