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The Training You'll Receive

Starting a career as a security guard will prepare you for a dynamic and exciting role where you can assist and protect the public, keep physically active, and discover many other rewarding qualities.

The Training You’ll Receive 


Paladin Junior Management Training Program 

In 2006, Paladin created its Junior Management Training Program (JMTP), which focuses on preparing high performing Shift Supervisors, Site Supervisors, Site Managers and other identified future leaders for the next steps in their careers.

The program involves Paladin and PalAmerican employees from every branch across North America, all of whom are flown to Head Office in Vancouver for a week’s intensive training in subjects such as leadership skills, time management, labor law, security risk assessments, and financial analysis.

The curriculum features numerous speakers and thought leaders who discuss industry best practices, trends and vertical market innovations. Several sessions are focused on embedding the Paladin/PalAmerican culture in all that we do – some of this work facilitated by our CEO, Ashley Cooper. To date, countless JMTP graduates have been promoted after completing the course requirements. Paladin is extremely proud to give our people the opportunity to advance and grow within our company.

Our employees apply for consideration to participate in the program because they believe in the company and want to develop their skills and have the opportunity to advance and expand their contributions to our success. With each year, JMTP gets better and better because it is constantly evolving based on the feedback we receive from the attendees. They tell us what worked and didn’t work, and we change the program to address the opportunities to improve.

This program requires a significant commitment from each successful candidate, as it is an intense and very long week of sessions, with pre and post program assignments. All attendees (including those who are local) stay in a hotel for the week rooming with another participant. This is to ensure that each attendee receives the same common experience and allows for the candidates to network and develop a strong bond, often with colleagues they have never met.

How to become a security guard
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