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Para Space Landscaping – Employer Description

What Does A Landscaper Do?

How do you describe what your company does to a new or potential employee?

Since August 1, 1979 Para Space has been a leader in the Canadian landscape industry.

What sets us apart is our year round work – we are just as active in the winter.

We are also growing in every part of the company, and in every region in Vancouver.

We prioritise our employees, offering lots of benefits and perks.  We also show great care for the environment. 

We have become a real game changer in the industry, with opportunities to advance and grow.

This is not a summer job, it’s a career.


What might a career path look like at your company? Is there an opportunity to grow?

We have four different divisions and we’re growing. Human Resources puts together a personalised career path for each employee. There’s a generic path, and then a personal one. HR counsels each employee with the personal requirements and recommended timeline for completion.


A typical Job progression looks like this:

Entry level = Landscaper

Next step = Supervisor

Next step = Manager 

Journey to manager is generally 3-5 years


Are there any educational pieces that are mandatory?

We have a seminar program that staff can participate in. Each role has specific training pieces and there are educational requirements outside of the organization as well but they are all covered by the company.


What type of people are successful at your company? What does it take to get promoted?

Attendance at the seminars, engagement at seminars, knowledge of plant names are of course all important. You also must be driven, and if so someone can advance in 3 months.

What are some company benefits and perks offered?

Para Space Landscaping offers a solid extended health coverage package and RRSP top up program to all of its qualifying employees. Our staff are also well cared for receiving ‘swag’ throughout the year. All leaders receive 24/7 use of our in-house fitness centre and staff lounge.

What are some myths about a landscaping career?

Myth 1: Landscaping is a seasonal job

False! We offer year-round work.

Myth 2: Shifts are long and start at 6:00 am

False! We work from 8:00 am to 4:45 pm.

Myth 3: I will have to work weekends and holidays

False! We never work on weekends or holidays.

Myth 4: I need experience before I can apply for a job

False! We provide on-the-job training, so no experience is required.

Myth 5: Landscaping is not a “real” trade

False! Landscaping is a Red Seal Trade.


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