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Para Space Landscaping – Mission, Values and Culture

Mission, Values and Culture


Enhancing the environment with reliable, high quality landscape services.

Cultivating lasting relationships with our clients and team.

Leading our industry with integrity and innovation.


What are some of your company’s key values?

High quality work -our clients have high expectations and we strive to deliver.

Team work -we can’t do what we do without everyone working together.

Integrity -our team is built on ethics and morality.


How would you describe your culture?

We have a strong focus on social impact and environmental sustainability. We also collectively work hard but play hard as well. We are dedicated to our work and the service we provide our clients. But we also like to enjoy our lives; we have a strong work/life balance that we consistently encourage among our staff. Seminars for the staff. Strong friendships made at the company. Lots of events for the company.

Para Space Landscaping – Awards

Para Space Landscaping – Environmental Leader


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