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TELUS Values and Culture

TELUS Culture and Values

Why you’re right for the TELUS team:

  • You’re smart, creative, ambitious and curious – it’s great that you are thinking of joining us

  • You are passionate about doing a great job – it’s why you like to come to work in the morning

  • Your EQ is off the charts – sharing, caring, and communicating are a way of life for you

  • You aren’t afraid to take risks – especially when you know your team has your back

  • You bring your whole self to work – personal goals, who you are, your life, your family and friends – are all a priority

  • You believe you can make a difference – locally, in your community, and globally, as part of a team working hard to keep the planet green

Creating A Culture of Belonging at TELUS

Culture of Giving at TELUS

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