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Tridel – Culture and Values

Culture and Values


At Tridel, we care about building amazing communities, but the first community we build is our own. Our family extends to everyone who becomes a part of our community of employees. We know the first community we need to build is our own.  We believe our employees are the best in the industry.  We  attract the top talent and develop them into thought leaders, who thrive in a company culture of integrity and who are empowered to “do the right thing”. This is the secret to our success.


We believe that every person wants to feel important, included and part of something bigger than themselves.

  1. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do
  2. Our employees, trades and partners are our customers too (happy employees make happy homeowners)
  3. Our employees are talented, empowered and important
  4. We have a responsibility to do better by our people and the planet. To create and leverage technology to do more with less


Culture means different things to different people. To create excellence, decade after decade, we need to preserve what works best, while allowing for change. We know that every employee adds something great to our culture. While it is always evolving, our core beliefs and ideals are timeless. While many are rooted in our history and lives through every employee who does whatever it takes to carry on the proud tradition of Tridel.

We understand that investing in our culture is vital to our business. Our employees’ commitment and our strong values allow us to remain competitive as we strive to always doing the right thing as a company; we want to continue to deliver the best experiences for our customers and our communities and ensure our future market-leading success. Investing in our employees so that they are empowered and part of a community contributes to our high retention rates and lengthy employee tenure.

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