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Tridel – We Are All Changemakers

We Are All Changemakers


Every one of us has the ability to have an impact in what we do. We continue as modern-day pioneers, with a responsibility to constantly reassess what we build, how we build, where we build, and who we build for. It is our relentless pursuit to do it better each time. We know the risk of staying the same is far greater than the risk of change and we count on every employee to be our next innovator of market-leading change.

Our Take Action Team is where employee passion meets our Company’s values. This team is an employee-led powerhouse group that promotes team-building and cohesion and is key to implementing events and initiatives both within the organization and in the community. Many of these planned events contribute meaningfully in the communities where we build, and beyond. Over the past year, 120 employees across the organization have volunteered 600 hours of their time to over 35 impactful events led by Tridel Take Action across the City of Toronto.

Tridel Corporate Social Responsibility
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