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Young Guns Container Crew – Culture and Values

Culture and Values

What are some of your company’s key values?

How would you describe your culture?
Our company feels very much like being a part of a team and family, many of our guys are people who live away from home and Young Guns definitely becomes a second family for these guys. From our values, we work hard and play hard and look out for one another.What might a career path look like at your company? Is there opportunity to grow?Plenty of opportunity, we are growing fast. We will be in the USA early next year and have launched in New Zealand this year also. There is a career path here involved in operations, health and safety and eventually HR anda finance department too. We promote from within but people could end up with a supervisor position, site manager, area operations manager and beyond.
What type of people are successful at your company? What does it take to get promoted?
Someone who will be dependable, consistent, hard working and teachable.
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