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Angela Simo Brown

Lead Executive

Angela is an accomplished leader recognized for executing innovative national multi-sector social impact programs. She has built an extensive career helping national companies, such as LoyaltyOne and Air Miles, drive sustainable and scalable societal benefit while ensuring social impact aligns with corporate strategy goals. Angela was awarded the Women’s Executive Network Top 100 Canada’s Most Powerful Women Award in the category Trailblazers & Trendsetters in 2014.

Sarah Vickery

Senior Manager, Youth and Program Services

Program design, iterative process development, multi-stakeholder approaches, and strong facilitation chops grounded in play based theory are just some of the skills Sarah has developed having worked in 6 countries on a variety of youth employment, entrepreneurship and leadership programs. She infuses all of her work with a deep sense of optimism, creativity, and humility, and starts from an inclusion-first lens.

Kristina Smith

Manager, Youth and Program Services

Kristina is driven to amplify youth and their future opportunities, and is excited to work alongside employers and community partners to offer unique hiring opportunities. Kristina has a background in managing and delivering community development projects in Canada and abroad, ranging from running a youth entrepreneurship program, equipping youth to participate in international experiential learning and building community agency capacity through learning and development.

Habon Ali

Intern/Youth Futures Leader

Habon Ali recently completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto and is an MSc Candidate at McMaster University. As a member of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council, Habon was actively involved in the creation of Canada’s first National Youth Policy and the development of Canada’s Service Corps. She is passionate about community building, youth participation, social determinants of health, reducing health inequity and healthy public policy.

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